Episode #029: The Small Home Farmer Takes a Holiday


How can you take a vacation when you have farm animals to take care of?  Can you ever sleep in when you have animal chores waiting for you?  What can you do to get rid of the creepy crawlies that are eating your garden without using potentially harmful chemicals?  How do you make compost tea and what is the proper way to use it?  Erin answers these and more great listener questions and shares some funny listener comments during this week’s show.


The camera has returned!  Here’s a photo showing how to situate your tinfoil to reflect extra light onto your seedlings.

Put the tinfoil under your seedlings and behind them. Then “scrunch” the foil a little bit to the back side of the planting containers to hold it in place. You can use as long or short a piece as you need for however many containers you have.

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