Episode #038: Grow Your Own Small Fruits

Have you considered stretching your home farming beyond the limits of vegetable gardening?  This episode Erin takes a look at the possibilities for growing small fruits, which can be done even in small-space and partly shady conditions.  Erin also checks in on the results of double-digging and amending her test plots with kelp, as well as growing potatoes in a barrel this year.  What have you learned about gardening and small home farming this year?  Several listeners share their experiences.  Join us for this and more on the this latest episode of Small Home Farm Radio!
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2 Responses to Episode #038: Grow Your Own Small Fruits

  1. Jane Handrich says:

    Your show is lovely, you do a fantastic job! Can’t wait to hear you at the Organic Gardening seminar next month. Loved your tomato experiment with double digging vs. no till. I did no till last year and had a bumper crop and so much less work!!

    • Erin Lahey says:

      Thanks so much for the compliments, Jane! I have to say I won’t be quick to go back to tilling! 🙂 Can’t wait for the workshop, too! See you there!

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