Episode #045: Small Home Orcharding Made Easy – Part I


This episode is the first in a two-part installment of Erin’s recorded presentation on Small Home Orcharding* at a recent Organic Gardening Workshop in Northeast Michigan.  She covers planning, choosing varieties, and pruning in a way that encourages small home farmers and gardeners that orcharding can be much simpler than you might have thought!  She also urges a new homeschooling parent to “begin with end in mind” even before considering what kind of curriculum to use.  Join us for these topics and more!

*We apologize in advance that the sound quality is not very good.  The presentation was recorded at a very low volume, unfortunately, and we’ve tweaked it as best we could to be able to share the information with you.  Next episode will have similar quality issues if you should wish to skip listening these two episodes.  Thanks!

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