Episode #046: Small Home Orcharding Made Easy – Part II


Join us for the second installment in Erin’s recent presentation on Small Home Orcharding at an Organic Gardening Workshop in Northeast Michigan. This episode, Erin helps you see that pruning, thinning, disease and pest control, and other routine maintenance doesn’t have to be scary or difficult! If you haven’t been paying attention to the calendar or the weather, it’s time to prune your orchard trees and to set up your taps if you’re making maple syrup this spring! Also, a listener shares a great tip for keeping your horses (and maybe your other livestock, too!) fly-free throughout the summer! Grab a cup of coffee or tea and sit in on this week’s conversations about your Small Home Farm!

*As with episode #045, we must apologize that the sound quality is not very good. The Small Home Orcharding workshop presentation was recorded at a very low volume, unfortunately, and although we’ve tweaked it as best we could to be able to share the information with you, the resulting episode is rather quiet. You may wish to skip listening to these two episodes (#045 & #046). Thanks!

Link to the tip George shared with us about using vinegar to repel flies: http://www.bragg.com/products/vinegarHorse.html

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