Episode #012: Heating Your Home With Wood


This week Erin invites her husband in to talk with her about heating your home with wood.  They explore heating with a wood stove or fireplace insert, or using a wood burning outdoor furnace.  Erin also interviews Dave Schleicher and gets some great information on how to process your venison to keep it from tasting gamey.  Another homemade applesauce recipe – using Red-Hots!  And how can a listener with very poor soil improve her growing conditions?

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One Response to Episode #012: Heating Your Home With Wood

  1. Dave says:

    Great info, Erin! I really liked pro and con discussion of wood stoves. We have completely heated our home with wood for many years and it has been a substantial cost savings although I do devote many hours to harvesting, stacking and curing the wood.

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