Episode #021: Top Picks for Farm Fences


This week Erin discusses some of the more commonly used farm fencing options.  From poultry to pigs, different animals have different needs, and there are plenty of options out there.  She also mentions an inexpensive option for covering your cold frame when you don’t have glass available.  Join us as we discuss posts, pens, paddocks, and pastures!

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2 Responses to Episode #021: Top Picks for Farm Fences

  1. Jesse says:

    Have you settled on a fencing option for the expanded-arena project you’re working on?

  2. Erin Lahey says:

    I’m afraid we haven’t yet. But we’re getting down to the wire now so we’ll have to choose the least inappropriate option! LOL! Not too many serious equestrians face the dilemma we have here at Aspendale Farm of having to multi-task using one pen for both turn-out and riding.

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