Episode #024: Watering Options for Your Farm and Garden


This week:  Uh Oh! What happens when your freezer accidentally defrosts?  Erin found out the hard way! How can the average small home farmer cut their water bill, conserve water, and find or harvest “free” water for farm or garden use.  Did you know you can harvest food from the wild … right in your own yard!  Also this week, we announce the winner of the “Name Your Small Home Farm” contest!

*Here’s a link to the recipe for Dandelion Jelly Erin promised on this week’s episode: http://aspendalefarm.wordpress.com/2012/04/14/recipe-dandelion-jelly/

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4 Responses to Episode #024: Watering Options for Your Farm and Garden

  1. Jan says:

    Have you done any preserving in preparation or are you just going off what is producing at that point? IE, freezing, canning, etc. I’m intrigued to see how this pans out. My garden is doing great, but I’m not sure how well I’d function on a diet of all blueberries, which is what it’d be I think. Probably with an occasional turnip, carrot, 1 salad and a plethora of herbs. If all goes well hopefully some peppers and tomatoes, but it’s iffy at this point.

    • Erin Lahey says:

      LOL! I might be able to live off of blueberries without complaining! LOL! I’m wondering if you are asking if I’ve preserved wildcrafted foods? Just a little bit. We make wintergreen flavoring, dandelion jelly, and a few other things, but mostly we eat what is in season when it’s available. Keep at it in the garden! It’s a bit of a learning curve, but very rewarding! I’ll bet you’ll have fun with tomatoes and peppers … that’s what I started with way back when I was just getting into vegetable gardening!

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