Episode #031: Off-grid in the City


Just how self-sufficient can you get when you don’t live way out in the boonies?  Composting toilets, hand-cranked washing machines, bio-diesel auto fuel… It depends on how much you’re willing to take on. Erin talks about the change she made from growing her tomatoes in cages to trellising them, and how she encouraged those heat-loving plants to proliferate in spite of growing in a cool environment with short summers.  Ever been really tired out from overwork or too much stress?  Olive might be the answer!  Listen in this week as we talk about these topics and more!

Here is a link to a visual demonstration of this episode’s Tip of the Week: Personalized Binders.

And if you want to buy the Bach Olive Remedy through our affiliate link at Amazon.com, click Bach Remedy Olive.

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2 Responses to Episode #031: Off-grid in the City

  1. Miranda Zryon says:

    If you talk about a product, you need to put the info about it here in the notes about the show. “olive” is far too general, and Baak could be Bauk, bawk, baak, bok. Impossible to find.

  2. JJ says:

    Hi Miranda, thanks for pointing this out. I’ll pass your note on to Erin and have her send you some information on that right away. For now though, I think you can find some information by googling “Bach Flower Remedies”. Hope this helps!

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