Episode #007: LifeSchooling & Raising Goats for Meat


Erin’s friend Wendy joins us this week to talk about how to get started raising meat goats — and why you would want to! Erin also talks about some basic farm equipment to get you started with small home farming. Have you tried growing watermelon on a trellis? It can be done! Erin elaborates on her experience, and how you can save space by growing other vine veggies on a trellis. Also this week, she answers a listener question about LifeSchooling.

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3 Responses to Episode #007: LifeSchooling & Raising Goats for Meat

  1. Ned says:

    I’m not a farmer (well you can kind of count my depressing little veggie patch) but I’ve read ‘So Shall We Reap’ and I’m on a sharp learning curve. I want a future where my son can afford to feed his family good, healthy, clean food, sustainably/humanely produced, so I’d be very pleased to join you in this venture.

    • Erin Lahey says:

      That’s great, Ned! It takes a long time to learn, and if you look at it as a slow adventure, I think you and your son can really enjoy small home farming together! There’s something *so* satisfying in producing some of your own food!

  2. Shawn Jerrells says:

    speaking of insulated livestock tanks….an old non-working fridge, the compressor evac’d and removed, the door removed, the shelves removed, a reenforced rim (so the livestock can’t break the top edge off), a little paint, viola!

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