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Each episode, Erin recommends at least one book from her library to inspire or inform you.  Here’s a list of titles you may want to check out!

Erin likes to approach new books by getting them through the library first to see if they’re worth owning, and suggests you use your library, too.  But if decide you’d like to purchase a book, please consider supporting Small Home Farm Radio by clicking on our Amazon affiliate links below to go directly to Amazon.  You can also click any link on this page and go to amazon to buy any product they carry, and Small Home Farm Radio will receive 4% of your purchases in seller fees.  Thanks for considering supporting Small Home Farm Radio!

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Blog Post: Foraging for Food (Aug. 11, 2013)

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Note:  Erin highly recommends listening to Hank the Cowdog in audio format.  The author’s voice gives Hank the perfect characterization! The links below are for audio books, but once at the link you may choose paperback or kindle editions as well.

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